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ENCORE Event Rentals provides three different styles of tenting, “Jumbo Trac”, “Festival” and “Tidewater.”  All three come in various shapes and sizes while presenting separate individual options.  Most tents can be equipped with sidewalls, lighting, flooring and heating to include dance floors, stages and more. Scroll down to view our options and to learn more about sizing and capacity. 


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Jumbo Trac Tents

“Jumbo Trac” tents can provide ample square footage and be installed on almost any surface. It makes them ideal for concrete or asphalt and other terrains where staking won’t work. These tents, in white or clear, can include clear, solid or windowed sidewalls, leg draping, liners and doors. Sidewalls can slide open for easy entry and exit. They are weather resistant and can also be customized in size to fit perfectly based on venue specifications and event size.

Festival Tents

“Festival” tents have high, swooping peaks that comes to a point at the top. They can be fully enclosed with sliding sidewalls and the fabric is waterproof. Festival tents can be configured into a variety of custom sizes, as small as 10’ X 10’, and are ideal for activities from wedding and corporate parties to school events and concerts. 

Tidewater Tents

“Tidewater” tents are encircled with teak wood poles and staked on ground surfaces. They have a lightweight, sailcloth material top that results in the appearance of a sculpted peak with elegant overhangs which naturally allows for light to shown through, day or night. While requiring staking, this style of tent doesn’t have a center pole, thus providing a clean, taut look. Tidewater tents can be fully enclosed with sliding sidewalls and the fabric is weather resistant. With a variety of size options Tidewater tents can be used for any type of event from an intimate backyard gathering to a vineyard wedding— all you need is open space to make this tent the focal point of your next celebration!

Tent Rental ‘Need-To-Know’ Information:

  • Pricing will vary and all orders are customized to fit. Please inquire with an Event Specialist to obtain a price quote by contacting us here, calling 707.431.3500 or emailing [email protected]

  • Site inspection may be required for tent installation

  • Any tent structure over 400 sq. ft requires a tent permit

  • Most tents can only be installed on a weekday, Monday thru Friday

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