ENCORE Events is now on BeMerri!

Design In Our Virtual Showroom!

Bring Your Event Visions To Life!

ENCORE has partnered with BeMerri, a unique and fun event design platform. Whether inside our virtual showroom or working from a vision board, several tools are at your fingertips to design every detail for any type of event. Customize tabletops, create floorpans, and access 2D or 3D renderings at real event venues.

Visit Showroom & Begin Designing!

Start by designing inside our ‘virtual’ showroom

Enter our showroom via the BeMerri event planning platform by clicking, VISIT SHOWROOM.

Since there is extensive virtual content loading products may take a moment to fully populate. When the “Welcome” message appears browsing and designing can begin!

And beginning is easy- just click ‘Start Browsing.” Once inside the showroom you can view our rental selections, zoom in to learn more, customize existing designs and create stylings of your very own.

PRO-TIP: For the best experience utilize BeMerri with Google Chrome

Next, put together all the other details of your event

While access to our Showroom is always available here through our website, if you want to use BeMerri to create designs for events in real venues, you will need to sign up for a Merri account. You can sign up here and access a free 30-day trial to the platform. Once there you can access our rental products and create unlimited events at an expansive variety of venues.

Keep in mind- at any point if you need assistance just click the ‘Help” button. BeMerri offers support to answer questions and offer guidance wherever needed while utilizing their platform.

Finally, bring your event to life in a fully visualized rendering

  • Take your design to the next level by creating it within a dedicated space such as a winery, garden, tent, or ballroom- even an entirely custom event venue by request
  • Create a wishlist with selected rental products and submit an inquiry to ENCORE effortlessly
  • Save your designs in 2D or 3D visualizations
  • Share with others to make collaboration easy