Table Design

Do you ever have a Julie Robert's moment from the movie Pretty Woman when you need an expert to show you how to set up a table?? Here are two diagrams for both informal and formal tables to help:


Table Setting

Here is a picture of one of our recent showroom tables showing an elegant and fun table setting with a tiny twist:

Table Setting

Photo Credit: Fiona Brennan Photography


A linen trend we are seeing a lot of this year: metallics! LOVE THIS LOOK: Pairing two shades of metallic colors with a bright shade of orange! Or mix your metallics, using silver and gold to make a gorgeous and elegant statement!

Gold and silver table setting

Photo Credit: Carter Brookes

silver and black metallic

Photo Credit: Rick Ouellette Photography


Hi boys (and girls)!!

High cocktail tables (also known as hi-boys) are perfect for your next event whether you are having a sit-down meal with a cocktail hour prior or if your event is simply a mixer. They are 42” tall which is perfect standing height. Or add extra seating with some of our modern, stainless steel or chiavari bar stools.

Cocktail tables make it easier for your guests to gather and mingle, providing an easy place to rest drinks or appetizer plates while talking.

There are many fun options for cocktail table linens: spandex, which is a fitted, modern look; standard 120” round linen which barely skims the floor and drapes the table nicely; or a 132” linen tied with a chair sash. Here are some cocktail table looks we love:

cocktail table tied linen cocktail table braided linen