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Our Team

Bridget Doherty

Owner & President
  • Go-to libation: Champagne, of course!
  • Event décor guilty pleasure: Anything purple
  • Can’t live without: Wine, pizza, and friends
  • All weddings need: Great combo of a fun bar and great music
  • Favorite jam song: Anything by, “Outkast”
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Shelly Gillean

Sales Manager
  • Go-to libation: Bud Light
  • Instruments played: Keyboard
  • Favorite jam song: “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins
  • All weddings need: Amazing bar and dance floor
  • Life story movie title: “Not What She Planned!”
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Kayla Gettys

Asst. Sales Manager
  • Event décor guilty pleasure: Blush and gold color combo
  • Grilled or Fried: Fried- is that even a real question?
  • Can’t live without: The ocean, books, fam & friends
  • Sundays are for: At home lounging in sweats or at the beach while drinking mimosas
  • Rapper Name: K-Dawg
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Heather Nelson

Senior Account Manager
  • Event décor guilty pleasure: All things black
  • Sundays are for: Family time and drinking rosé
  • Strange talent: Touching my tongue to my nose
  • Life story movie title: “Never Boring!”
  • Can’t live without: My children, coffee and wine
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Celeste Popadiuk

Designer/Senior Account Manager
  • Can’t live without: Open-ended curiosity, authentic people, laughter
  • Grilled or Fried: Baked, like cookies and cakes
  • Go-to libation: Morning cup o’ joe
  • All weddings need: An experienced wedding planner and a good floral designer
  • Best place for retail therapy: Erin Martin Design
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Alisha Lindsey

Senior Event Specialist
  • Go-to libation: Gin and tonic
  • Life story movie title: “Gym, Drink, Love”
  • All weddings need: Love and dancing
  • Favorite jam song: “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles
  • Spirit animal: Elephant
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Renée Gibson

Senior Event Specialist
  • Sundays are for: Laying by a pool and drinking rosé with friends
  • Can’t live without: Mascara and Yerba Mate
  • Weirdest food eaten: A cricket
  • Life story movie title: “The Wedding Planner”
  • Grilled or Fried: Fried- everything is better fried, especially pickles
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Emily Landrum

Senior Event Specialist
  • Strange talent: Super tech savvy
  • Can’t live without: My daughter, cupcakes, books, husband and dog (in this order)
  • All weddings need: A good videographer
  • Life story movie title: “Into The Woods”
  • Spirit animal: Corgi
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Dawnyel Howard

Senior Event Specialist
  • Go-to libation: Ketel, water and lime
  • Event décor guilty pleasure: Glowing candlelight
  • Can’t live without: Family, friends and a good laugh
  • All weddings need: A little bit of sparkle
  • Favorite jam song: “Pocket Full of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield
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Olivia Nelson

Senior Event Specialist
  • Go-to libation: Anything dry and sparkling! #bubblehead
  • Event décor guilty pleasure: Dark velvet
  • Life story movie title: ‘What’s For Dinner?”
  • Pro wrestler ring name: Chairman Meow =^^=
  • Favorite jam song: Gypsy by, “Lady Gaga”
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Laura Allen

Event Associate
  • Sundays are for: Hiking!
  • Event décor guilty pleasure: Pillows
  • Can’t live without: My dog and my bed
  • Instruments played: Violin
  • Favorite jam song: Man of the Woods by, “Justin Timberlake”
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Kendall Burger

Marketing Manager
  • Go-to libation: Blanton’s Manhattan, stirred over rocks
  • Rapper name: Kendallicious
  • Strange talent: Reverse and parallel parking
  • Favorite jam song: “Uptown” by Prince
  • Can’t live without: My squeeze and chapstick
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John Buhagiar

Hiring & Facilities Manager
  • Can’t live without: Chocolate, bread, liquor
  • Pro wrestler ring name: The Rock
  • Weirdest food eaten: Deep fried chicken head
  • All weddings need: Awesome music
  • Sundays are for: Whatever I feel like doing
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Brian Rankin

Operations Manager
  • Go-to libation: Cold Bud Light
  • Can’t live without:  My family, dogs, and remote control
  • Grilled or fried: Grilled
  • Spirit Animal: Irish Wolfhound
  • Favorite jam song: “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner
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Anthony Herrera Sosa

Dispatch Manager
  • Go-to libation: Cold, Modelo
  • Weirdest food eaten: “Escamoles” (Google it!)
  • Can’t live without: My family, spicy salsa and fast cars
  • All weddings need: Encore Events Rentals products
  • Favorite jam song: “Feliz, Feliz” by Banda El Mexicano
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Brandon Shipman

Production Manager
  • Can’t live without: My wife’s sense of humor (since she married me)
  • Instruments played: Piano
  • Go-to libation: Margarita
  • Grilled or fried: Grilled
  • Spirit animal: Dragon
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Nick Evdokimoff

Production Lead
  • Go-to libation: Bloody Mary
  • Strange talent: I can run a mile backwards
  • Spirit animal: Peregrine falcon
  • All weddings need: Dancing
  • Favorite jam song: “Low Down” by Boz Scaggs
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Tyler Doherty

Co-Owner & Vice President
  • Spirit animal: Manatee
  • Pro-wrestler ring name: The Hammer
  • Go-to libation: IPA beer
  • Strange talent: Ability to remember endless movie quotes
  • Fun fact: I’m Bridget’s brother!
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