Moustache Baked Goods

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It’s no secret we love desserts around here: yummy baked goodies, homemade ice cream, decadent truffles, perfect cookies, delicious, handmade pies and don’t even get us started on cake!

It is a rare occasion when a store-bought treat is as good as something fresh from your kitchen… or made from scratch by a beloved and talented friend. It’s just not the same.

Well, that is until we met these guys.

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Christian Sullberg and Osvaldo Jimenez changed everything we once thought about store-bought desserts when we discovered their shop in Healdsburg called Moustache Baked Goods.

“We thought of this concept called the ‘farm-to-cake’ bakery and that’s why this store has been so successful,” Jimenez said. “We build a relationship with people as opposed to putting a product on our shelf.”

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The heartbeat of Moustache is to never use commercial mixes and always produce treats in small batches. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are found here! Co-owners Sullberg and Osvaldo are committed to sourcing their ingredients from local farmers. You can definitely taste the difference.

One glance at their eclectic menu is proof of their principal to be innovative, unique and simple. Cupcakes have catchy names like “the Misses” and “the Local” which the latter is an almond cake with local fig jam and almond frosting. Seasonal french macaroons not only look perfect but wow your taste buds. Try the Black Sesame for something different!

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However, one of their most popular and best loved treats is the Moustache-O, their take on the classic Oreo. We love it best with a shot of ice-cold milk. Perfection! These were certainly the hit of our grand opening party last year!

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Looking for a something special for your wedding or event? These guys specialize in unique dessert displays. Check out how perfect their treats look on our galvanized trays!!

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We love working with the folks at Moustache and are thrilled about their new and recently opened ice cream and pie bar, Noble Folk, also in Healdsburg. Check them out today!