Rustic Holiday Party | Seasonal Party Ideas

Christmas may be far behind us and everyone’s focus may be on the spring season, but with our holiday event photos pouring into our showroom this month, we thought it would be a good time to reminisce about the amazing holiday events we helped to prepare last year.

Over the next few weeks, we will be showing you all the great styles and ideas that we have helped conjure up with our clients over the last holiday season.

We thought we would start with this festive holiday party for a local company here in Petaluma.

The venue was an abandoned barn that we transformed into a rustic holiday party venue.


The company used our Jute and Cardinal Red linens to create an appropriately festive color palette. The tables were alternated with jute linens and red runners and red linens with jute runners.


Different chargers were used for each table and our mahogany folding chairs made this festive, rustic look complete.


Our good friends at Pineapple Planet helped to design this event. You can see that their brown leather chairs were used to create a cozy lounge area for guests to relax near the dancefloor.


Pineapple Planet’s wine barrels were used for cocktail tables alongside some great wine barrel style bar stools.  You can visit Pineapple Planet over at


The lighting for this event was amazing.  A festive breakup pattern was projected around the room and these gorgeous crystal chandeliers gave the room a warm, classic look.


Food for the event was provided by one of Sonoma County’s favorite caterers, Ray’s Catering. If you want to hire Ray’s for your next event, check them out over at

All of these amazing photos were captured by the talented Jessamyn Harris. We love working with her and she always produces great work. Take a look at her portfolio over at