Event Tips & Trends

Check out a few helpful tips and see some of the latest trends to help make your next event stellar!


Want to throw an amazing party on a less-than an amazing budget??? Here are five money-saving tips that will get your party started right!!

  1. Be your own DJ!!
    A week before your party, grab your ipod and make a custom party mix or two for your special event. Are you music-library-challenged? Enlist a songbird friend to lend a hand and some tunes to your cause! Search google for party playlists to get ideas of crowd-pleasing songs that will have everyone out on the dance floor.

  2. Be picky about your ingredients!!
    If you're on a budget, lobster and prime rib probably shouldn't be your main course for 40 people!! So choose more inexpensive ingredients for the larger, main course and use the pricier items in smaller quantities like appetizers. So your guests might not get a full fresh lobster tail but how about a yummy lobster spread on a toasted baguette?

  3. Demand an RSVP!!
    Well, nicely of course! A week or two before the event, check in with everyone you invited to get an accurate count of party-goers! No need to purchase food & supplies for 40 if only 25 are coming!

  4. Layer with caution!
    Linen overlays are popular and can look amazing on your tables, however they will end up costing you almost DOUBLE! So instead of choosing a chocolate brown linen underneath and a pink overlay, just choose one or the other or alternate and cover half of your tables in chocolate and half in pink. And save the layering for your delicious mexican dip!

  5. BYOB&W!!!
    Seriously, when your party-goers RSVP and ask “What can I bring?”, ask them to bring a favorite bottle of wine or beer to share! Alcohol can eat up your budget faster than hungry college students devour a pizza! So why not let your guests bring a bottle and everyone can enjoy the variety, while your wallet enjoys a break!

Container Fame

So you are having a party and need to have plenty of beverages accessible to all of your guests, without displaying ugly 2-liter bottles? NO PROBLEM! Beverage dispensers are becoming such a common solution for party hosts everywhere! Set up a beverage station with multiple dispensers and create fun labels for each container. Clear beverage containers offer the perfect canvas for spicing up your water by showing off brightly colored sliced fruit or delicious herbs! Adding citrus, berries, cucumbers, or mint to your water makes the ordinary more fun and colorful!

Clear Beverage Dispenser Fruit Water in Beverage Dispenser

Or go with fun colored containers instead. Check out a few of our options:

Colore Beverage Containers Orange Beverage Dispenser

Stress-free Party Food

The last thing you want to be doing when hosting a party is rushing around in the kitchen as your guests arrive. When planning your menu, select items that can be made hours before or even the day before! And if its not a sit-down dinner, remember to serve foods that are easy to eat with one hand or while mingling. Skewers are perfect and can be used for sweet treats or savory bites! Try out one of our favorite recipes from local caterer, Deb Keith:

Tortellini Skewers

20 Tortellini, Cooked Al Dente, 3 minutes less than the pkg says
2 Tbsp Purchased Pesto
2 Tbsp Sun dried Tomatoes, Chopped
1 Garlic Clove, Chopped
1 tsp Montreal Steak Seasoning
20 Grape Tomatoes
20 Kalamata Olives

Toss the tortellini with the pesto, sun dried tomatoes, chopped garlic, seasoning, tomatoes and Kalamata olives. Assemble a tortellini, grape tomato and a Kalamata olive on each toothpick or skewer. Enjoy!


Signature cocktails are such a fun ingredient to any cocktail party, wedding or event by adding a personal touch to your bar menu! Guests will love trying your one of a kind specialty drink. Pick a drink that stars your favorite liquor, matches your color scheme or just sounds delicious.

MONEY SAVER: At weddings or other larger events, offering wine, beer, champagne and just the signature cocktail, rather than a full bar, can save you on the drink tab! Also, think like a chef and gear your drink to the calendar! Save money using seasonal ingredients and have a better tasting cocktail using fresh, not canned fruit juices and garnishes.

Give it a creative name, design a fun sign to sit at the bar with a description and serve it up in a fun, specialty glass! Here are some fun examples, we especially love the first photo in our fabulous footed martini glass:

signature cocktails


Encore Events Rentals' owner and president, Bridget Doherty, is a pro when it comes to hosting cocktail parties! Try out her recipe for Blackberry Martinis.

Use a martini shaker to shake and combine:
2 parts Blackberry Vodka
1 part Grand Marnier
1 part Sweet and Sour
Fresh lemon squeeze
Pour into your favorite martini glass and serve ice cold. Garnish with blackberries or an orange twist.

BLackberry Martini 1