Get Your Craft On: Paper Flower Place Settings

So here’s the situation:

You’re tired of flipping through Pinterest to see dish after dish of amazing yumminess only to look down at your boring plate of Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese. The solution? DINNER PARTY!!!!!! You decide it’s finally time to christen the fancy La Creuset roasting pan you bought a year ago and invite 7 of your closest friends over to test out the latest-pinned, mouth-watering recipe like this one.

Your dinner party isn’t complete without some fun accents to make your table pop. But who has the extra money to spend at Pier 1 on fancy decorations? What’s a girl to do?

Get your craft on!

Tissue paper flowers are easy, inexpensive, and add just the right touch for your place settings. Or let’s say you are throwing a shower for a friend and you want a cute, unique decoration for your table or favor bags. These would be perfect!

Encore’s very own Marina and Jenna recently attended a local class on making paper flowers at The Shed. Check out some of the other super fun workshops and events!

Paper Flower Place SettingsAren’t they cute posing with their pretty bouquets?

We’ve taken their creations and paired them with some of our favorite place settings. Here are some examples:

Paper Flower Place Settings

Paper Flower Place Settings

Paper Flower Place Settings

Paper Flower Place Settings

Just a simple lil’ flower can take your place setting from drab to FAB!!

So you didn’t get to go to the class? Have no fear, Pinterest is here. Here’s an awesome step-by-step on how to make your own. Have fun!

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